Tax for Individuals

Clear, straightforward tax advice and support

Tax impacts on so many parts of our lives – income tax on our earnings,  rental income,  investment income and trust income, capital gains tax on the sale of our assets,  and  inheritance tax on our gifts and estates being the most common. It is important that we plan carefully to manage our tax affairs as efficiently as possible.

Income Tax

Completing a self-assessment tax return can be time consuming if you have little tax knowledge. We can complete returns efficiently and will always consider whether there are opportunities to reduce your overall tax bill as part of our review process.

Capital Gains Tax

Before selling assets subject to capital gains tax, it is important to make sure you will minimise your tax bill by utilising tax reliefs and planning opportunities. We also prepare the appropriate sections of your tax return.

Property Tax

We offer a full landlord service as well as advising individuals on the implications of owning and selling second homes, holiday homes and investment properties.

Inheritance Tax

Whether you are planning for the future or dealing with inheritance tax returns following the loss of a loved one, we can provide you with advice to ensure you meet all of your obligations while minimising your tax liability.

International clients

We advise clients who are coming to, or moving from, the UK as well as clients who are either not UK resident or domiciled.  We complete all required tax documentation as well as providing tax planning advice across all UK taxes.